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Page down for the program for Cassowary Coasters' St Pattty's Social.

Bert's Calendar for 2021 is in the pipeline.

FNQ Social Dates for 2021 ?
Babinda Line Dancers:
Cairns Kickin' Country: Sunday, Feb 28
Cassowary Coasters: March 13 - St Pat's, July 17 - Show, Nov 20 - Christmas
Just4Fun Linedancers Mossman:
Mareeba Domino Country:
Marina's Top End Scooters:
Mission Beach School $1000,  Tully Hospital TV   $900,  Senior Citizens   $1000, Tully State High  $1000,   Flood Appeal  $1000,     Senior Citizens again $1000, Tully Meals on Wheels   $1000,   Relay for Life   $1000,   Girl Guides  $500,  State sports reps ( MBSS)  $1500,  Tully Meals on Wheels $1000,   Mission Beach Guides   $1000,   MBSS Talent Quest   $400,  Mission Beach Meals on Wheels $500,   Royal Flying Doctors   $1000,   MB Uniting Church Sunday School $500,   Tully Nursing Home,   $1000, Tully State High ANZAC Commemoration Fund $500, local cancer sufferer $1000, Ravenshoe Cafe explosion victims' families $1000 and Tully Meals on Wheels $1000, Men's Shed Tully $500, New Fridge for Tully Meals on Wheels $1000, 2016 Relay for Life $6000, Tully Tennis Club Court Roof a/c $2000 Australia's Biggest Morning Tea $400, Red Cross $400, Tully Nursing Home $2000, Royal Flying Doctors $2000 + $500 from the Marathon, Children's Cancer Council $250, Biggest Morning Tea $641, Tully Senior Citizens $1000 and Queensland Drought Relief $2000, Buy-a-Cow Flood Relief $1000, The Biggest Morning Tea : $830, Tully Hospital Auxiliary $1000 and Bilyana Rural Fire Brigade $1250 and Senior Citizen's Hall New Front Door $2,000.
Good work all you avid dancers!  Thank you for supporting these worthy causes.  
Club Motto:  Blood clots, sweat dries, bones heal.
                       Suck it up and keep dancing.
Have a look at this: Dancing makes you smarter. We all look like that, too!
This one will make you feel good: Older ladies are divine!
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Dancing in (and around) Tully - Valentine's Social in Carins

Cuppa Tea night will be on the first Thursday of each month. For the March Cuppa Tea night, please wear a scarf.
Our latest new dance is Live Laugh & Line Dance, a December, 2020 choreography.

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Dancing 2019

Dancing 2018

Dancing 2020


Club Member Profile

Q: What is it you like about Linedancing?         A:  The music and meeting new people 
Q:  What are your favourite dances?   A:   Friday at the Dance, Senorita La-la-la
Q:  How long have you been dancing?    A:  Since 2013 - 7 years
Q:  How were you introduced to linedancing?  My dearest,  beautiful friend invited me one day.  I have  never looked back, I love it!
Q:  Would you recommend it to others?      A:  Yes, absolutely, I would recommend it to both male and  female.
Q.  Have you been on any dancing holidays?     A: Not yet, but look forward to going some day.  
Q:   Are you a local?   A:   I have been in Tully since 2010.   I am not sure I qualify.       
Q:  What is your occupation?  A:  I am retired.   


Dances Taught and Revised:

Click on the dance title to view the Step Sheet.   (If any don't work, please let me know.)
Beginners' Guide
Beginner Dances
And Then I Kissed Her
AB (Baby) Coming Home
Beyond the Sea
Blue Night Cha
Boardwalk Time
Bonaparte's Retreat
Dance with Me
Down at the Honky Tonk
Down on your Uppers
Drinkin Bone Boogie
EZ Tango with me Darling
First in Line
Give me Love
Hey Cowgirl
Hey Senorita AB
I Close my Eyes
I will Follow Him
Kind of Hush, A
Lonely Drum
Lonely Lady
Lonely Lovers
Luna Lite
Magic Moments
Midnight Walk
My First Steps
My Ladies Rhumba
Life is a Rodeo
Off the Beaten Track
One & Only
One Step, Two Step
River Town
Rockin' Good Way, A
Ruby Lips & Golden Hair
Safe in my Arms EZ
Skinny Genes
Sky loves blue
Sleepy Eyes
Summer Holiday
Sweet Caroline
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
There goes my Everything
Thank You
Wake me up and Stay
Was she Spyin'?
Yes Sir, That's my Baby
Improver Dances
Aces and Eights
Champagne Promise
Cherry Bomb
Crystal Touch
Cruel Intentions
Double Down Two Step
Fast Hearts and Slow Towns
Friday at the Dance
Galway John
Get it Right
Gonna be Alright
Gypsy Queen
Hello Summer
Holding Hands Together
Hold On
It Never Rains
Knee Deep
Live Laugh & Line Dance
Lonely Blues
Love you Now
Mama & Daddy
Never Comin Down
One Less Day
Outside looking In
Ride Away
Sangria Sun
Senorita La-La-La
Soggy Bottom Summer
Some Days you gotta Dance
Someone had to Teach You
Stitch it Up
Summer Fly
Sweet Hurt
Texas Time
Thousand Stars, A
Ur Cheating Heart
Who did you call Darling?
Wine, Beer, Whiskey
Yes Ma'm No Ma'm



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